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You've been to the makeup counters of every major department store to buy every cleanser and night cream available. You've even tried boutique salons that offer extraordinary facials at extraordinary prices. Your skin feels great and glows for a day or two. Then your age spots, freckles, and sun damage start to look worse. Your wrinkles and laugh lines seem more pronounced, and your skin appears a bit more leathery. It's not that these treatments don't work - they do, but only on the outermost layers of skin, where the cells are already dead.

The Obagi NuDerm® System targets all the layers of the skin. It accelerates the growth of new cells and promotes even distribution of pigment. It can reduce the visibility of age spots and freckles help remove dead cells, and repair damage to collagen and elastin fibers, creating firmer, more resilient skin. As one of the most aggressive skin care treatments available, the Obagi NuDerm® System is commonly used by those who want to make dramatic improvements, but are not yet ready for laser treatments or surgery. It is also used in conjunction with a face-lift to improve the color, texture, and elasticity of the skin.

What is Obagi NuDerm®?

Obagi NuDerm® is a home skin care system that consists of six products applied in six steps twice a day. The system includes:
  • Cleanser or Foaming Gel, to clean the face
  • Toner, to provide a natural astringent
  • Clear, to help correct uneven skin tone
  • Exfoderm or Exfoderm Forte, to exfoliate the skin
  • Blender and tretinoin cream, to stimulate production of new, healthy skin cells with even color
  • SPF Sunfader or Physical UV Block, to help protect the skin from sun damage
  • The Obagi Blue Peel® can help protect the improvements to your skin after you have completed all phases of treatment. Since all of these products require a prescription and directions from a professional, you'll need to consult a provider at a The Vein Center of South Carolina. If you're a good candidate for treatment, your provider will create an Obagi NuDerm® System program just for you. Not all Cosmetic Services centers offer the Obagi Blue Peel®.
Why you need a prescription for Obagi NuDerm®
The Obagi NuDerm® System is only available by prescription because the products contain ingredients regulated by the FDA. Your dosage, treatment frequency, and treatment objectives need to be determined by a specialist and monitored on an ongoing basis.

The four phases of treatment
There are four distinct phases of treatment within the Obagi NuDerm® System. The length of time for each phase depends on your skin texture, the amount of skin damage, the program your provider creates, and your skin's response to the treatment.

During phase one, which lasts approximately six weeks, the outermost layer of skin is replaced by new cell growth. Freckles and age spots may begin to fade. Your skin may feel dry, and it may even redden, peel, and flake. Wrinkles and acne tend to look worse.

Phase two consists of new cell growth and an increase in the production of collagen and elastin. Wrinkles may diminish and pores may begin to tighten. Freckles and age spots continue to lighten, and the redness, peeling, and flaking should decrease.

During phase three, you should notice a more even skin tone. Your skin should become resilient and firm, and its surface smooth and naturally hydrated.

Phase four consists of a maintenance regimen to prevent future damage and maintain positive results.

Am I a good candidate?

The Obagi NuDerm® System requires a high level of commitment to achieve positive results. If you're nursing or pregnant, you should not use prescription Obagi® products. Prolonged exposure to sun and heat during the first few weeks of treatment may further irritate sensitive skin.

Scheduling a consultation

Call or email us today to schedule a free consultation to determine if you're a candidate for the Obagi system and to learn more about the procedure.

For more information on Obagi see www.obagi.com
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